As we are rapidly approaching the Christmas season this Newsletter lets you know what’s going on, so be prepared for lots of glitter and glue during the next few weeks!


  1. Christmas Arrangements. This year as usual we will be putting on a short nativity play at our party on Friday 16th December.  We will start rehearsing shortly with the children and I’m sure it will be a great morning.  We might need help with costumes and props but we will let you know. After the play we will have some singing and party food which will be provided by parents..  There will be a list on the table.  Santa will be paying us a visit and we ask the parents to provide a present for their own child.  Please do not spend more than £5.00 on the present.  Could you wrap the present with your child’s name on it and put it in a bag in the playgroup cupboard by Wednesday 14th.  If you have a younger child who will be at the party can you provide a present for them also? Adults are invited to come and share in this celebration with the children which will begin at 10.00am.
  2. There will be a post box in the playgroup from 7th December. If the children would like to, they can bring in some Christmas cards for their friends, stamp them and put them in the box.  These will be given out on the day of the party (everyone gets some).
  3. Playgroup finishes for the Christmas holidays on Friday 16th December and resumes on Thursday 6th January 2017

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