Playgroup Established 1968

St John’s Renfield Playgroup was started by mums from the local church for their own children and it grew in popularity achieving registration from Glasgow City Council in 1968. The success of the playgroup is a tribute to the commitment of the parents, committee members and leaders who have willingly given of their time and talents to the group. Many children have come and gone over the last forty years including the grandchildren of some of the original members and the children of the present staff. It would be lovely to find out where all the children are now. Unfortunately that isn’t possible although we know that some now live in Australia, America and Egypt! We can only hope that if they can remember the playgroup they have good memories of the time that they spent there. Roll on the next forty years!!


A Typical Morning at Playgroup

When we arrive at playgroup we find our pegs in the cloakroom, hang up our coats and change our shoes.  When we go into the playroom we sign in and peg up our own photograph.  This means we have an easy way of seeing which of our friends have arrived.

There are lots of activities to choose from each morning and we can decide what we would like to do including cutting, sticking, building or cooking.


We can also play board games and do jigsaws. During the morning we have our snack. Once we have washed our hands, we look for our name card and post it in the names box- that lets the playleaders know we have had our snack. There is always fruit, milk and water and we help ourselves to what we want.  One of the things we enjoy about snack is sitting talking to our friends.


Playgroup has a garden and outdoor play area where we can go out and play.  On the wall of the church there is a beautiful mural of nursery rhymes which we helped paint last summer.  We have good fun trying to spot the different characters in the picture. The sand pit and basketball hoop are popular outside along with the bats, balls and bubble machine.


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